Streamlined list flare lights adult all layers of plywood

October 28, 2015 - table lamp

Product Description

The Streamlined collection reflects a loyal impression of a bland element of plywood. Due to a constructional value, plywood customarily serves a quite organic purpose. “Its a genuine shame,” comments Studio Roex, “because a mixed layers of connected timber veneer is what creates it so unique.”

Streamlined aims to exhibit a loyal temperament of plywood by emphasizing and highlighting a several timber layers that are customarily usually marginally visible. By CNC logging a two-dimensional plywood piece material, a three-dimensional element can be produced. As a result, a settlement of layers light out, formulating a pointed interplay of lines. The Streamlined collection consists of a list lamp and a chair. The products underline organic stylistic elements and pure constructions. All products within a Streamlined collection are stoical of particular parts. This formula in fragmented lines, i.e. lines that upsurge in opposite directions in each part. The flare is available in both a pure and anthracite version. The anthracite chronicle is semi-transparent, so that a line settlement stays visible.

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