Striking ceiling, cohesive colors supplement to home’s flow, flair

June 29, 2015 - table lamp

Though a homeowners had lived in their Boston condominium for a while, they weren’t confident with a approach their interiors were entrance together. After saying a lively, worldly intrigue interior engineer Dee Elms, of Boston organisation Terrat Elms, had commissioned for their neighbors down a hall, they called her immediately.

“We kept some of a pieces they’d already purchased and combined new fabrics and wall coverings to dress a space up,” says Dee Elms.

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A cohesive tone palette of navy blue, orange, and taupe creates a well-spoken upsurge via a compress three-bedroom unit. Elms designed tradition sum to give a home individuality. Among a embellishments is a vital and dining area’s distinguished coffered ceiling. Done on a diagonal, a arrangement formula in triangular shapes, rather than a more-common squares. “It’s a unequivocally cold feeling. The space indispensable something special and a areas now feel some-more connected since of it,” says Elms.

The elongated leather headboard with plane tufting in a master bedroom is another component tailor done for a space. “The room is unequivocally long. The headboard creates a wall come alive as a focal indicate and creates balance,” says Elms.

Window treatments via problematic a eye from “windows that aren’t that pretty,” says Elms, and patterned and textural wall coverings supplement another covering of dimension to rooms. To element a existent furnishings new pieces like a vital area’s pivot chairs and turn carpet supplement a tiny fun, complicated flair.

Michael J. Lee

Living/dining area

“The owners wanted this area to be stretchable and comfortable,” says Elms, who designed an orangey red herringbone-patterned banquette for around a dining table. “The banquette is behind to behind with a sectional,” says Elms. “There are opposite zones. Mom can be during a table, and her son can be examination TV during a same time.” A blue silk Phillip Jeffries wall covering has variations in paint that give a eye most to enjoy. “The opposite panels come together and we notice this special consistent of colors,” says Elms.

Michael J. Lee

Master bedroom

A tonal Phillip Jeffries wall covering has a silky feel and is patterned with dulcet dots. Mirrors and unresolved light fixtures on possibly side of a bed assistance emanate balance. “When we put a flare on a bedside list it unequivocally takes adult a lot of aspect area, by unresolved a fixtures we finish adult with a lot some-more space,” says Elms. Silk covers and a fake Roman shade alleviate a windows.

Michael J. Lee

Guest bedroom

To intensify a tiny room, Elms comparison a denim blue tender weed cloth wall covering for a wall behind a bed and sheathed a other walls in a some-more creamy, bullion toned hue. The bed has a elementary grid tufted headboard and bedding is from Serena Lily.

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