Swing and a skip from Bruno’s Little Italy

July 27, 2014 - table lamp

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    Folks in Little Rock adore their classical eateries, and when Bruno’s Little Italy announced a return, a pushing was shrill and positive. Lines outward a restaurant’s new Main Street plcae were long, and it seemed as yet a old-fashioned sorcery of a place had come to life again. Given a volume of press around a place during a time, we didn’t make it in to Bruno’s until only recently, and after eating there, we have to say: what’s a large deal?

    Now a use during Bruno’s was great, I’ll give them that. Our server was friendly, attentive, and even yet he seemed a bit uncertain about how to pronounce all in a evening’s specials, he soldiered on with excellent coolness to let us know all about them. We were seated during a tiny list in a unequivocally close partial of a dining room, and in fact we was closer to a people seated during a list subsequent to me than to my dining messenger opposite a table. But hey, it’s an aged building, and we know a need to maximize space.

    We systematic a toasted ravioli appetiser and were treated to 6 insipid pillows of cracker-hard pasta wrapped around a ricotta and herb stuffing that didn’t even come to life with a lurch of salt. The marinara dipping salsa was a pleasing addition, as it authorised us to cloak a ravioli in something we could indeed taste. Good toasted ravioli should strike a change between chewy and crispy, yet these were overcooked, under-seasoned, and generally disappointing.

    Our categorical courses didn’t get any better. Our initial dish, a lasagna, was flattering good in terms of season — again, a salsa is a star here, and a one thing that Bruno’s does unequivocally well. The emanate with a lasagna was one of temperature, though, as a tip and bottom of a crowd of pasta were morally prohibited while a center was decidedly cool. Was this a reheat pursuit left awry? Did a plate lay underneath a feverishness flare for awhile? I’m not certain a answer, yet we am certain that a room feverishness center isn’t a approach this plate should be served.

    Our final plate was a worst, a duck liver and pasta plate served with a vessel sauce. Anyone who has review my contributions to this blog for any length of time will know that I’m intensely lustful of duck livers. I’ve eaten them fried, crushed adult into pate, on salads, in sandwiches — I’m not nice about livers. At initial glance, this plate seemed tailor-made for me: breaded and boiled duck livers in a thick, silken salsa atop spaghetti. Unfortunately, these livers were burned. Not overcooked; burned. The season of charred breading permeated each punch of a dish, ruining a important salsa and destroying whatever season a livers competence have had on their own. 

    At a finish of a meal, we were left with 3 half-eaten plates and a check that seemed unreasonable given a peculiarity of a food. we know that Bruno’s is a internal favorite, yet story doesn’t pardon errors of this magnitude. The Little Rock dining stage has gotten good adequate where dishes like this only don’t cut it anymore, and here’s anticipating Bruno’s stairs adult their diversion so that they can contest with a elite.

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