Table Lamp Manufactured by Norwegian Prison Inmates

September 8, 2014 - table lamp

Norway has the lowest reoffending rate for prisoners opposite Europe, and treating a inmates like tellurian beings is a large partial of that success. One agreeably startling outcome of this proceed is a “Bake me a Cake” list flare done by inmates from Bergen jail in Norway. Not usually is it a pleasing square of design, a flare is formed on a classical story in that a mom attempted to assistance her son shun from jail by promulgation him a cake with a record dark inside.

Designed by Morten Jonas for Northern Lighting, a flare is done from oak, steel, and smoked coloured glass. To change a lightbulb, all we have to do is lift off a lid and sell aged for new. The flare itself gives off a soft, comfortable light that adds a loose atmosphere to roughly any room.

As explained on a designers website:

The thought is to emanate a high peculiarity pattern prolongation inside Norwegian prisons where we plea a inmates’ ways of meditative and acting.

Based on true stories that have emerged over a years, a “file inside a cake” revolves around a mother’s try to mangle her son out of jail. She comes adult with thought to bake a record inside one of a cakes that she sends to her son. Whether or not he manages to shun is something best left to your imagination.

Apart from a fact “Bake Me a Cake” is an glorious square of pattern and production, it’s an engaging approach to plea a notice we have of people inside prisons. As this plan shows (plus a Norway’s considerable record when it comes to re-offenders), reconstruction seems to have a lot some-more consequence than we competence be peaceful to admit.


Morten Jonas

Images by Morten Jonas

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