The Best Coffee Shop ‘Offices’ In NYC

August 18, 2016 - table lamp

Coffices (coffee emporium offices) are not for each form of work. If your work involves, say, a Skype try-out for a torpedo pathogen movie, substantially work from home? But if you’re some-more a headphones on, spreadsheets out workman bee form who likes a tiny credentials noise, a coffee emporium bureau is a ideal venue for your freelance life, or even a occasional remote day.

Of course, not all coffices are combined equal. The best have giveaway wifi, copiousness of energy outlets, and a laptop-friendly vibe—that’s a given. But a other factors are adult for debate. Clean and elementary or cold with artistic aesthetics? Basic and workable coffee or satisfactory trade, self-roasted fare? Bakery? Lunch options? Whiskey in your coffee? There’s a coffice for that! Here are some of a favorite coffice spaces, for varying reasons. And yes, intensity for “coffice romance,” networking, and Instagram-worthy shots of your breakfast are all ideally legitimate factors.


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GROUNDED: Plants and flare lighting give this Greenwich Village mark an earthy, accessible vibe. Wifi, outlets, and sandwiches have a intensity to see we by a full day’s work here, though seating and internet tend to crap out quickly. Come early and move data-lite tasks, and note that if a space looks familiar, we probably watch Broad City!

Grounded is located during 28 Jane Street between West 4th Street Greenwich Avenue in Greewich Village. (212-647-0943,

THINK COFFEE: This mark was prolific adequate to offer as a launchpad for Foursquare behind in a day, and there’s still copiousness of sundry seating and energy outlets. The bad news, unfortunately, is that there’s uneven wifi. Still, lunch fare, a bathroom, and a circuitously “fresh air” mangle section (Washington Square Park) give this place all day work potential, so move brainstorming-style work and/or your possess hotspot.

Think Coffee is located during 248 Mercer Street between West 3rd and 4th Streets in Greenwich Village. (212-228-6226,

NINTH STREET ESPRESSO: You’ll need to import a pros opposite a cons here: giveaway wifi, laptop friendly-baristas, copiousness of two-seater tables and chairs, and outward dais seating vs. no energy outlets and money only. We’ll only supplement that this mark also has some of a best espresso in Alphabet City, and let we make your decision.

Ninth Street Espresso is located during 700 East 9th Street during Avenue C in a East Village (212-358-9225).

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PUSHCART COFFEE: Free wifi, two-seat tables, copiousness of outlets, outrageous windows, and purify bathrooms means this Gramercy spot’s got your basis COVERED. To flog things adult a notch, try a chai or almond divert latte, or a nutella prohibited chocolate. Also recommended: lay during a list that faces 2nd Avenue and watch a universe go by while we fake to coop your opus.

Pushcart Coffee is located during 362 2nd Avenue during East 21st Street in Gramercy Park. (646-476-8416,

ACE HOTEL LOBBY BAR: This place gets crowded, though you’ll be freelancing in character in a run bar’s sexy, atmospheric lounge. Enjoy giveaway wifi, thriving outlets, noms, and a leisure to select between coffee or ethanol as we work. Stumptown Coffee, located circuitously a entrance, is a good backup if we can’t measure a mark during a community work list or one of a sofas. And skip book reading or cover scribbling here—it’s dark, like a bar.

The Ace Hotel Lobby Bar is located during 16 W. 29th St (between Broadway 5th Ave) in Nomad. (212-679-2222,

CULTURE 36: If you’re a fan of a strange Culture Espresso on 38th street, try a adjacent Culture 36 for some-more operative space. The wifi, prolonged tables, and chocolate chip cookies are aces, though we competence wish to have a backup devise for bathrooms as this mark has none.

Culture 36 is located during 247 West 36th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in a Garment District. (646-861-3553,

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PERK KAFE: This is not a many atmospheric of coffices, though has a operative coffee mangle basics: semi-strong wifi, a long, community work table, healthy light, energy outlets, and a lavatory (be certain to get a selfie in a subway-map mirror). Try a shaken, solidified espresso or get a giveaway refill on your season coffee as we work.

Perk Kafe is located during 162 Eeast 37th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenues in Murray Hill (212-686-7375,

GROUND CENTRAL COFFEE COMPANY: Don’t let a small, bustling front-of-house dope you. The library in behind has couches and list space (plus quick wifi) to work with. You can span your novel-writing with a cold decoction or potion of wine, if we choose, and this mark is open until 9 p.m. for night owls. Plenty of outlets and genuine cream for your coffee pacify a deal.

Ground Central Coffee Company is located during 155 E 52nd St (between 3rd Lexington Ave) in Midtown East. (646-964-4313,

AROMA ESPRESSO BAR: The best thing here is a rooftop patio, though if it’s raining or we hatred sunshine, quick and arguable wifi and energy outlets wait we downstairs. Seating choices are long, community tables or comfy couches. Grab a salad for lunch and caffeinate with one of Aroma’s famed Israeli-style iced coffees, that are some-more dessert than drink.

Aroma Espresso Bar is located during 161 W 72nd St (at Amsterdam Ave) on a Upper West Side. (212-595-7700,

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DTUT: This mark has a prerogative of accessible sofas, though sadly no wifi after 5pm. The good news is, once we tighten out your workday, a cocktails and s’mores here make for a good happy hour, and boost a chances you’ll find your ideal Cromance (Get it? Coffice Romance? No? Sorry.)

DTUT is located during 1744 2nd Avenue (between East 90th and 91st Streets on a Upper East Side (212-410-6449,


FREEHOLD: This hipster hall boasts a outrageous space with comfy couches, outlets, giveaway and quick wifi, bar food, and drinks after dark. Sit on a comfy top turn window seats, or squeeze a dais outside, and note that a unwashed egg sandwich and a cold decoction (or unwashed chai) make for a good operative brunch. Best of all, Freehold’s open until 4 a.m. if work gets crazy.

Freehold is located during 45 South 3rd Street between Kent Wythe Avenues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-388-7591,

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ATLAS CAFE: It can be tough to get a chair during this renouned Williamsburg cafe, so come here early. Free—though infrequently iffy—wifi, laptop accessible baristas, and much-touted bagels and lox will be your reward. Just remember to move money as they don’t take cards.

Atlas Café is located during 116 Havemeyer Street during Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-782-7470,

BROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANY: This industrial-style mark has a cool, old-timey feel with prolonged tables and benches for seating, unresolved lamps, and timber everything. Grab a prosaic white and a sandwich while we leach off a wifi and power, or take a uninformed atmosphere mangle in a circuitously Brooklyn Bridge Park. If a belligerent building gets too noisy, super critical meetings (or Facebook stalking time) can be taken upstairs.

Brooklyn Roasting Company is located during 25 Jay Street between Plymouth and John Streets in DUMBO, Brooklyn (718-522-266,


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GOSSIP COFEE: If we like to food ‘gram while we work, this is your ideal coffee place. (Look adult a Ziggy Stardust donuts they done after Bowie’s flitting if we need convincing). Bar stools and loll space tend to apart a infrequent sippers from a coffice workers inside, while a backyard with benches offers additional work space on good days. Avoid half-price donut day if you’re dieting, though don’t skip a cold decoction for an icy capability jolt. Bonus: giveaway and quick wifi.

Gossip Coffee is located during 37-04 30th Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets in Astoria, Queens (718-440-8792,

PRESSO COFFEE: If aesthetics are your thing, this Flushing corner has tone and character that’ll assistance get a artistic juices flowing. The coffee’s not cheap, though you’re most guaranteed a mark during one of this atmospheric cafe’s many tables and accessible armchairs. Food options—waffles, parfaits, and sandwiches—will keep we fueled all day. Wifi and lavatory codes come printed on your receipt, so no freeloading!

Presso Coffee is located during 133-42 39th Avenue #101 during Prince Street in Flushing, Queens.(718-358-0257,

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SWEETLEAF: This cafeteria has giveaway wifi, a laptop room, and a “vinyl” mark in a behind where we can spin 100+ favorites from a residence record collection (but we can’t move your laptop in, sorry!). Try a Rocket Fuel or Voodoo Child with a pumpkin donut, or a strawberry-puree-and-black-tea concoction. Vegan and gluten giveaway bakery transport are accessible too. But move a unstable horse since there’s an opening shortage.

Sweetleaf is located during 10-93 Jackson Avenue during 11th Street in Long Island City, Queens. (917-832-6726,

THE QUEENS KICKSHAW: This is your mark for a prolific operative lunch. Power adult on sundry (and mostly vegetarian) midday muck options, and suffer wifi, outlets, and copiousness of bend room. Grab a grilled cheese with soup and a tough cider when you’re operative late.

The Queens Kickshaw is located during 4017 Broadway during Steinway Street in Astoria, Queens (718-777-0913,


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BEANS LEAVES: This is a poetic area mark with accessible staff, wifi, and vegan desserts. Try a white chocolate iced coffee, Mexican prohibited chocolate, or lax root teas.

Beans Leaves is located during 422 Forest Avenue on Staten Island (718-448-0276,

Cathy Vandewater is a Brooklyn-based author with clever opinions on transport etiquette. Follow her here. @cathyvandewater

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