The Best Hardware Add-Ons for Your PC

February 17, 2018 - table lamp

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PCs are great, though mostly they feel like they’re done for another class besides humanity. Each additional cord we block in adds a new cord for we to conduct and untangle. They’re customizable, though it’s intimidating to open one adult and start pulling out a guts. That large ol’ arrangement on your list takes adult a lot of opposite space. Luckily, we can retrieve a genuine estate on your desk, reinstate your disaster of cables with a one-stop tie shop, and put all in a place to urge your peculiarity of life (and that crick in your neck) with these must-have accessories to your workspace.

Cable Extensions

Don’t get on your hands and knees to block in your USB-powered mop heater. Get a USB masculine to womanlike prolongation cable, block it into your PC, block a womanlike finish into whatever you’re perplexing to offshoot up, and live your life meaningful you’ll never have to strech for another USB pier again. It’s ideal for plugging in USB peep drives or charging inclination like batteries with built-in masculine USB connectors.

Headphone Stand

Leaving headphones on your list (or fibbing around a house) is fundamentally vagrant for trouble. Ever suppress screams of fury as your dog chews on a non-replaceable 3.5mm wire soldered into your favorite span of cans? Yeah, me neither. Anyway.

A headphone stand, possibly atop your desk, clamped to a edge, or adhered to a underside, will not usually strengthen your headphones from weird accidents, though settle an disdainful mark so we never have to hunt for them again (because all needs a place). If we unequivocally wish to ascent your life, get a headphone mount with some powered USB ports for easy charging of your Bluetooth earbuds, unstable DAC, or smartphone.


USB-C (And USB-A!) Adapters

Having during slightest one USB-C to USB-A adapter for your PC can solve a universe of problems should we squeeze a device that relies on a concept pier (or your crony comes over with a passed smartphone). It lets we future-proof your workspace but requiring we to possibly reinstate USB ports inside your PC or buy an wholly new appurtenance to bond recently made devices. They’re cheap, so obstacle two. In further to a C-to-A adapter, we should get a USB-A to USB-C adapter to cover all of your bases in box you purchase a USB-C device we need to bond to your USB-A-equipped PC.

Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

Desk lamps are ideal for, well, lighting your desk. Having some-more than one light in your bureau will revoke eye aria and, depending on a lamp, irradiate your sourroundings with comfortable yellow light (perfect for operative after in a evening) or a cooler blue light for operative during a day.


If we unequivocally wish to splurge, we should get yourself a list flare with a built-in wireless charging pad, or some USB charging ports. Then, we can leave your phone on your desk, divided from your bed, and force yourself to start a day honest when a alarm starts dinging.

Monitor Arm

If you’ve got a guard on your desk, removing it off your list competence be a best preference we ever make. Besides clearing out that space for other equipment (like a print of your desired ones, or some arrange of tabernacle to your favorite cocktail band), a guard arm radically adds a giraffe-like neck to your screen. The softened ergonomics will urge your viewpoint and can assuage issues like reduce behind pain given you’re not hunched over your list staring during your shade and a feeble calibrated height.


You can pierce your guard in scarcely any direction, indicate in adult or down depending on your observation angle, and simply stagger it into mural mode when we need some-more straight genuine estate. Certain guard arms also embody wire government facilities or opposite ascent options so we can place a laptop on it instead of a screen.

Powered USB Hub

If your mechanism is next a table, behind a monitor, or has an all-in-one form-factor where a dual are fused into one unholy machine, plugging things in gets annoying. It’s even worse if we can’t strech a ports but contorting yourself underneath your desk.


A powered USB hub will not usually extend we easy entrance to ports means of charging your inclination during a flattering quick clip, you’ll be means to use all of those ports to bond inclination like your smartphone or DSLR to your computer. Paired with some brief cables, that USB heart can be both organic and easy on a eyes.

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