The C by GE Sol, an Alexa-powered list lamp, is now accessible for preorder

May 4, 2017 - table lamp

The C by GE Sol list flare is an Alexa-powered halo of warmth that initial showed adult during CES. Now it’s some-more of a genuine product, with a sell price, recover timeline, and a queue for intensity buyers to join. Those early adopters will save 20 percent off a Sol’s $200 cost tab when it ships in September. 

Jeff Patton, GE’s ubiquitous manager of connected home products, pronounced while contrast a Sol with a array of concentration groups, a pattern and formation with Alexa was an appealing combination. He pronounced there was a accumulation in how people wanted to use it, with some saying it as a intelligent kitchen assist while others wanted to place it inside a male cave.

“We unequivocally consider this product will be an iconic square in people’s homes,” he said. “It unequivocally is a singular item. We’ve seen from concentration groups that people hear about a product and learn that carrying in further to carrying all a energy we get an Amazon Echo in terms of a hardware to voice streaming to voice control, we also have this really complicated pattern of a light fixture. People have been utterly tender to hear about it.”

The C by GE Sol is a 60-Watt homogeneous light that can be tuned to illumination or soothing white tone temperatures regulating a voice authority or a C by GE app for iPhone or Android. Additionally, a intelligent light uses Bluetooth connectivity to work with GE’s C by GE intelligent bulbs, Apple’s Home Kit, and other Alexa devices.

You can also capacitate a time duty that illuminates lines around a ring, most like a clock. Other cunning could be stirring in a final edition.

GE is also creation a large pull for a Sol as a messenger for improved sleep. A comfortable light can be activated before bed, that changes a paint to revoke blue light. According to sleep research, a blue light issued by customary lighting and computing inclination can impact a body’s ability to breeze down and go to sleep.


GE’s C by GE Sol includes a nap environment that reduces a volume of sleep-killing blue light it emits.

But there’s something for a daytime hours, as well. Patton pronounced a Sol can also set a right atmosphere when it’s balmy outside.

“As we’ve finished opposite work with prototypes, that high, blue tone heat is indeed utterly pleasing if we wish to say that same form of indoor/outdoor look, that we consider is going to be a whole new functionality for people who are stepping into this item,” he said.