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March 9, 2016 - table lamp

Unless you’re an zealous dollhouse collector, we substantially don’t need — nor do we expected wish — doll furniture. 

But that’s what we competence finish adult with if you’re not clever while selling online.

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Take, for example, this table flare from Reddit user bolthead88.

And for skeptics who don’t trust these mistakes indeed happen, associate Redditors common their possess teeny seat mishaps in a photo’s comments.

I get an email a integrate days after delivery, and he tells me that he suspicion he was shopping an tangible croquet set,” writes camplightsatnight. “He wasn’t dissapoint and he didn’t wish a refund, though he wanted to tell me that he will perpetually review a descriptions* of a equipment he will be shopping really delicately for a rest of his life.”

There’s even a This American Life story about incidentally purchasing a doll-size table-and-chair set for a full-size home.

In short: Read a specs.

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