The DIY Designer: How to revive stained seat but sanding or stripping

October 3, 2015 - table lamp

I am a seat hoarder, privately of family pieces. we can’t seem to let anything go that my grandparents owned.

My grandfather was not usually a farmer, though also played around with woodworking. we don’t remember a time when one of a list lamps he finished wasn’t in my grandparents’ den.

Over time, one flare mislaid a luster. The finish wore off and stains lonesome a list apportionment of a lamp. This was really a square that we didn’t wish to paint, though it has some detailing that would be really tough to frame and/or sand. So instead of doing any of that, we easy a mark finish.

To revive stained pieces, we will need:

Step one
If a square we are operative on has a silken or glossy finish, mist it down with Ready, let it lay for a few minutes, afterwards purify a square down with paper towels until it’s no longer shiny.

Whether we use Ready or not, use a tack cloth to purify adult any mud or mud that competence be on a piece.

Step two
Put on a gloves (this product will mark your hands if we don’t!) and flow a small Stain Restore onto a paper plate.

Use a mark pad (it comes with a Stain Restore) and soak adult some of a revive product. Spread it onto a aspect we are restoring. You can widespread it around however we wish to, though make certain your final swipes are in a instruction of a timber grain.

Step three
Let a Stain Restore dry and repeat as many times as indispensable to get a tone we wish or as many times as indispensable to cover stains. we did 4 coats to cover my lamp.

This dries to a shiny, polyurethane-type finish. You can supplement on a topcoat of Protect for some-more protection.

You can only hardly see a rings that were there in a beginning. we could have finished another cloak or dual and lonesome them completely, though we didn’t wish to go any darker with a lamp.

It might be deliberate out of style, though this lady is happy to have her grandfather’s flare in her vital room.

Do we have any family treasures that need to be restored?

You can see some-more photos from this plan here and some-more seat makeovers here.

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