The Great Rooms of Children’s Literature

August 23, 2016 - table lamp

The domestic is critical in so many of Keats’ books, and clearly rendered in each. In a books about Peter, home is a sanctuary, as it is in many of children’s literature. It’s a balmy mark to that a favourite earnings after erratic winter streets, personification in a trash-strewn empty lot. Peter’s home is some-more than that wallpaper, yet that’s a many noted flourish. There’s a large furniture, mostly in a Danish complicated vernacular, and in Whistle, there’s a mirror, simply framed, hung on a wall abloom with yellow flowers, a black child doubled, Peter given a present of saying himself. In Peter’s Chair, he is given this present again, in a form of a framed baby mural of himself, naked, on a feathery rug. These objects promulgate (as clearly as a be-hatted father and a pet dachshund do) that this is a middle-class home. Indeed, middle-class homes still demeanour this way.

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