The Lampster – A Smart Lamp with Attitude

August 25, 2017 - table lamp

The Lampster - A Lamp with Attitude

No doubt that in today’s epoch record has spin so modernized that all can be tranquil only by mobile by a mobile focus or by touch. LAMPSTER is nonetheless another device that is a arrange of list flare with 120 LEDs tranquil by mobile and by touch.

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LAMPSTER can be deliberate as a coolest flare ever. It is done out of tractor headlights and has a tradition embellished body.

How do Lampster works?

LAMPSTER conduct to spin on a bureau light, hold again to set a intensity. When regulating a LAMPSTER for a ambient light we can use a RGB LED to set any tinge we want, all tranquil by your mobile device. It will work with each app for determining RGB LED. For outdoor, mix a dual LED lights and get a absolute light for outward a residence whenever we have an outward party.


  1. The flare is done adult with recycled materials, thick potion and conduct of a flare is done of metal.
  2. The light temperature, light energy and light colour are adjustable.
  3. The conduct of a flare is also tractable and can stagger 360°.
  4. The flare also has thick mixed giveaway energy handle with additional insurance layers.
  5. There are fundamentally 3 styles of Lampsters accessible in a market: army, artsy and zombie.

Why should one go for Lampster?

The Lampster - A Lamp with Attitude

Be it tyro or any other chairman who needs to work or investigate during night, lamps are a simple need of each particular so we suggest we to select a smartest record accessible in a markets. And when it comes to intelligent and lights afterwards LAMPSTER is deliberate a best.

Also, if we wish a transparent focused light for a bureau we can go for LAMPSTER. You can also adjust a light temperature, giving we a ideal multiple of cold and warm.


The product is accessible on a site of Indiegogo, a cost of LAMPSTER is 199 USD. It will substantially be shipped after this year. Grab it now to relief a special discount.

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