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October 4, 2016 - table lamp

There is a lot some-more to list lamps than usually being a source of illumination. They are also ideal musical props, ones that can  piquancy adult your home. Well, not many would remonstrate with this once we see a lamps designed by Lakshmi Menon, a homemaker-turned-entrepreneur.  Her list lamps — brought underneath a label, ‘Diya Designs’ — finished of terracotta  and steel are contemporary, though with an racial feel.  

Says Lakshmi: “The judgment of list lamps as a light source does not exist anymore. Lamps, a ideal ones, are musical pieces, too.  They can light adult your home and mangle a monotony.” Besides, a common list lamps, ‘Diya Designs’, that has a salon during Elamkulam, Kochi,also brings out hand-crafted wall-lights and furniture-mounted lamps.

The prominence of her collection, however, is terracotta lamps that come in perplexing designs, colours and shapes. The slim and stylish ones resemble wooden lamps in look, though are usually better.

“People do ask me how terracotta would tarry in homes. But, if they aren’t  rubbed roughly, terracotta lamps can endure us,” says Lakshmi.

Her terracotta lamps, custom-made, as per a final of a customer, have also found a niche in a market.

“These days people direct lamps that go good with a home decor. Our lamps come in neon colours and slim designs. The advantage of terracotta lamps is a colour palette and how it alters a altogether demeanour of a home. For instance, a room that has been  finished in white could do good with a tiny lurch of colour and that is what terracotta lamps can provide. It can mangle a routine of your thesis and be a pleasing prop,” says Lakshmi, who adds that many people cite tiny ones. She gets a lamps finished from a pottery section during Urakkam in Thrissur. “Their workmanship is unparalleled,” she says.

Then, there are steel lamps finished of oxidised copper and wrought iron. The designs are desirous by everything, from Warli art to African Masai art.

Lakshmi also does a bit of styling adult of your aged lamps. She says one can  always go for newer flare shades finished of tender silk, cotton, and hakoba to give lamps a makeover.

The prices count on a size, though designs are accessible from Rs 2,000 onwards. Contact: 9995294153.

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