The tip story of horrible list flare done from Strangeways gallows

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Watch: Secret story of horrible list flare done from Strangeways gallows

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It’s got to be one of a many horrible pieces of seat in Greater Manchester.

Gordon Teirney owns a list flare done from a hoop from a former gallows during Strangeways Prison.

The hoop was used to work a trapdoor during hangings carried out by executioners such as John Ellis, Harry Allen and Albert Pierrepoint until a 1960s.

Gordon, of Syke, Rochdale, acquired a hoop from a crony who used to be a ensure during Strangeways – and set about branch into a surprising souvenir.

Gordon Teirney with a lamp

Major confidence warning after worker is speckled drifting over Strangeways prison

He said: “It’s utterly a articulate indicate – when people come to revisit I’ll mostly get them to reason it, though we won’t tell them what it is.

“Some of a reactions I’ve had when they find out have been brilliant.

“Some are fearful of it while some contend we should move unresolved back.”

Gordon’s late crony Albert Jones, ‘Jones a Lock’ given he would repair inadequate thatch around a prison, took a hoop when a gallows were distant following a extermination of a genocide chastisement in 1965.

Gordon said: “Albert pronounced we could have it when he died in 2005.

The flare that is done from a push that operated a hangman’s trapdoor during Strangeways

The Strangeways demonstration 26 years on: How a cons tore detached HMP Manchester

“I got a bottom put on during a place where they make headstones and we afterwards had it connected adult and have had it ever since.”

The final chairman to be hanged during Strangeways, and in Britain, was Gwynne Owen Evans, on Aug 13, 1964, for a murder of John Alan West in Seaton, Cumberland.

He was executed on a same day as his co-accused Peter Anthony Allen who was hanged during Liverpool.

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