The stories a flare or a list could tell

October 3, 2016 - table lamp

It is a consistent disappointment (particularly as a former designer) to see how small people indeed know about design, about how prolonged it takes, and about how formidable it unequivocally is. Then there are a problems of indeed creation stuff, that is also hard. That’s because so many Kickstarter projects finish adult in tears, as people come adult opposite a fulfilment that all takes longer and costs some-more than we ever suspicion it would.

On XKCD, Randall Munroe nails it with his lastest, where he looks during some of a many typical objects and a kind of issues that impact designers, manufacturers, marketers and lawyers. He is right about one thing; it is indeed overwhelming.

On BoingBoing, Corey Doctorow reminds us of Bruce Sterling’s thought of Spimes.

A Spime is a location-aware, environment-aware, self-logging, self-documenting, singly identified intent that flings off information about itself and a sourroundings in good quantities. A star of Spimes is an informational universe, and it is a use of this information that informs a many sparkling partial of Sterling’s argument.

Spimes were a approach of documenting a stories of a things we make, all that goes into it. It is too bad that a flare or a list or for that matter, a building can't tell their stories of how they got to be what they are. we am reminded of that aged IKEA ad where a Swedish guys says lamps don’t have feelings. Perhaps not, though they do have stories.

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