These Mini Desk Accessories Nod to Traditional Korean Paper Crafts

July 6, 2016 - table lamp

The Woo Ji collection is an off-hand set of epitome and sculptural table-top accessories and objets that incorporates elements of both normal and contemporary design.

Created by Seoul-based pattern studio Craft Combine, Woo Ji comprises 5 tiny pieces including trays, a pencil holder, vase, and lamp. Hanji, a normal Korean paper that is textured and thicker than normal paper, creates adult a categorical member of a objects, and is possibly used as a singular sheet, or layered to emanate a wood-veneer like material.

Focusing on a pattern routine rather than a finished pattern as a goal, Craft Combine authorised a materials foreordain a objects. The outcome is a winding component that total as a categorical structure in any of a pieces. It is used as a trough-like tray upheld by a wooden bottom and copper rods in one, or plumb as a pencil hilt or vase, inverted as a support for a prosaic wooden tray, or used as a shade for a really tiny lamp.

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