This Facebook Pregnancy Announcement Went Viral Because It’s So Honest

May 31, 2016 - table lamp

When Dan Majesky and his mother Leah finally recognised after 3 years of trying, he took to Facebook to share a good news. He wanted to be honest in their proclamation and open adult to friends about their struggles to get pregnant, their miscarriage, and their excitement at now carrying a tiny one on a way. When he penned a 3,000-word post, he never approaching it to go viral. But now—59,000 likes and scarcely 9,000 shares later—it has.

“Do we have a minute? I’ve got kind of a prolonged story,” Majesky wrote on Facebook. “Leah and we have been perplexing to get profound for over 3 years. I’m not certain when, exactly, we stopped a birth control. Like all a plans, we didn’t start with a plan, yet instead motionless that if we got pregnant, that would be great. And afterwards we didn’t get pregnant.” Majesky afterwards prisoner a augmenting stress a integrate felt in their efforts to conceive—detailing their medical visits, hormone injections, and intrauterine insemination. What started as “no large deal” shortly became some-more concerning, and medical losses and stress grew. 

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a common method of flood diagnosis with a success rate of about 20 percent (depending on variables). The procession involves inserting motile spermatazoa into a woman’s uterus to inspire fertilization, and it can be interconnected with ovulation sensitive methods as well. IUI is deliberate a reduction invasive and reduction costly choice than in vitro fertilization (IVF), yet IVF tends to have a aloft success rate.

I don’t consider anyone knew a whole story and a border of what we’d finished and what we’d been through,” Majesky tells SELF. “We didn’t wish to leave a mislaid baby—our miscarriage—unacknowledged. We didn’t wish to keep that a tip anymore.” After pity a standing secretly with his Facebook friends, Majesky got requests to make a post open so people could pass it on to others who’d had identical experiences. “I was astounded it took off a approach it did,” he said. “Honestly, since of how prolonged it was, we didn’t consider a friends would even review it.” But earlier than later, a post was everywhere. Majesky began removing crony requests from all over a world.

“This isn’t accurately a gif of a cat descending off a couch,” Majesky said. “It’s flattering greatly personal. It’s things I probably routinely wouldn’t plead with my trainer or coworkers—or even a lot of people we know.” And yet Majesky pronounced it’s a “little bit bizarre” that this unfiltered insinuate information entered a viral globe but his control, he pronounced pity his story “feels like a right thing to have done.” “I didn’t have an agenda,” he said. “When we motionless to write that, it was during a finish of work one day, and we were going to go in a subsequent day for a scan. we had all we’d been by on my mind, and we only felt like, ‘I need to get this out.’”

Though he found the attention a tiny overwhelming, Majesky pronounced he’s changed by a support and stories he was receiving from strangers. “It seems like it’s helped a lot of people get in hold with what they’ve been going through,” he said. “Their feelings, things they’ve never shared—they’re promulgation to us. It’s flattering amazing.”

And his recommendation to others who have found themselves in a identical conditions is to stay strong. “Know that you’re not alone, and it’s not weird,” he said. You shouldn’t feel bad or tiny or reduction than since you’re carrying a tough time with this. There’s so many people who are struggling with this in several forms, paths, lengths of time, procedures,  and opposite things that have left wrong … Don’t feel like we have to hide.”

Read his full post below.


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