This Lamp Can Turn Your Room Into An Interactive Smart Surface

March 29, 2017 - table lamp

On a surface, Lampix looks like any other typical list lamp. But don’t be fooled- this flare is many some-more than that. It can spin your whole room into an protracted existence shade with a built-in Raspberry Pi, an 8-megapixel camera, and a 400-lumen projector.

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This flare can bond to any intelligent device such as smartphones, laptops, and PCs around WiFi, and send anything they wish to plan onto any prosaic aspect they please. The lamp’s built-in camera can lane a movements of your palm or other objects to establish their position, and allows we to correlate with a projection.

One of a many sparkling uses is for gaming. You can play a diversion “Tower Defense”, a actor can use Nespresso capsules (small capsules of espresso coffee from Nestle) in a approach of a route of relocating cubes. The Nespresso pods paint towers in a diversion can afterwards fire during a cubes.

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You can also play chess with it, regulating anything we can find during your home during all as your chess pieces, and quarrel opposite a game’s AI.

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Aside from gaming, Lampix has many some-more uses. In a sell industry, a Lampix could be used to indicate a product and afterwards arrangement a product’s reviews on a opposite or on a wall behind it, and make a reviews disappear with a elementary call of a hand. George Popescu, a co-founder and CEO of Lampix, says it was critical to emanate a product that could raise a selling knowledge but being obtrusive.

And finally, on to a many engaging feature, Lampix allows a users to work and correlate with earthy papers on pieces of paper as if they were digital documents. You can copy, paste, and upload a essence of a paper, as good as hunt for specific terms in a tough duplicate of that document. You can even combine with someone else on a document, as Lampix updates changes in genuine time.

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Source: PC World

While this is a smashing square of record that seems to move a destiny here and now, a fact that it uses a projector has a disadvantages. It doesn’t work good in areas with splendid light, nor when a picture is projected on glossy surfaces or on glass. However, a association skeleton to emanate a some-more costly indication of Lampix that will concede it to work underneath these condition.

Lampix is approaching to start shipping on Q3 of 2017, and it’ll cost around 300USD. It’ll come with some built-in applications as good as API to concede developers to emanate their possess apps for Lampix.

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