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November 13, 2015 - table lamp

“Old ways will always sojourn unless someone invents a new one …” — Elbert Hubbard, American author (1856-1927), “The Notebook of Elbert Hubbard”

OK, acknowledge it, we all watch HGTV — infrequently — and depending on how aged a sold module is, we see all opposite sorts of details and outs in design. Especially if we watch a genuine estate ones. Some of a houses are so dated, though afterwards infrequently when houses are redone we doubt a owner’s choices.

So appreciate integrity we’re all obliged for a possess homes and what’s in them. Whatever we like has roughly always been my mantra, though that means whatever we like to live with, not required being “in compliance” with pattern trends.

Remember brass? It used to be everywhere. Fixtures, handles, accessories. And afterwards — wham — no brass. But trust it or not, is it not frowned on as most currently as it was 5 years ago. But again, homeowner’s choice.

Not prolonged ago we was invited to revisit a home that had consume embellished walls. Well, it’s tough to know accurately what to contend about that. Again, if we like it, go for it. Just don’t pattern your guest to soap-box about your handiwork.

Twenty years ago everybody had a turn list lonesome with a floor-length list cloth. Yes, all of my friends had one displaying a lamp, books, photos, etc. That sold trend left utterly a few years ago and, theory what: If we stalk around on a Internet or in pattern mags, there is that tablecloth. Home again. Warming adult a vital room or bedroom corner.

So, there are a lot of details and outs, though one that has influenced me to a good border and a lot of other friends and clients is a home office.

Some years ago a lot of us stopped operative in a business bureau each day. Some would go into a bureau a few days a week, though always wanted a home bureau for when they got to work during home.

Everybody wanted one, either we had a business or not. We felt that we had to have a space of a possess for a computer, printer, fax (yes, fax), record cabinets, “me” walls (awards, photos, etc.) and a comfy chair.

This was a retreat to get divided from kids and day-to-day home life. And if we unequivocally did have a business, it worked. And seriously, it still works for a lot of folks. Depending on a business they have, a space is a necessity.

Oftentimes a bureau space was sum with a guest room. And if we did have company, they had a place to sleep, and we only couldn’t go in there during 6 in a morning to check your email. we was one of those. I’ve had a home bureau for years for all of a reasons settled above. And infrequently it did duty as a guest room as well.

Well, pierce brazen a small to now. Smartphones. Laptops. No fax machine. No land lines. Storage in “the cloud.”

My home bureau hasn’t been used in several years. And we know many others are going by a same thing. The kitchen list has turn a bureau for a lot of us. It’s like a sum reversal. Years ago when people started operative during home, they would hang out in a kitchen and try to work, and afterwards be gay when there was that space — dedicated space for an office.

It’s humorous how times, trends and record change us. And greatfully understand, we comprehend that a lot of people who competence run a business still need to have that space and feel sanctified to have it in their homes. Designers all comprehend this and are happy to emanate that space for homeowners.

There was an engaging small square we saw recently about offices in kitchens — not like we only described, though in a cabinetry. Remember a small kitchen opposite space, a small reduce than a tangible countertops, that was used for bureau things. It was used to compensate bills, find menus, write notes, and then, too, there competence have been a wall phone. Those are tough to find in houses today.

Again, if we work from home, chances are there’s a laptop and a cellphone. No need to be bending adult anywhere. We’re really mobile and adore it. We’re operative out on a patio, in a kitchen, in a coffee shop. Even on planes.

Design and emblem trends do come and go. No question. And uses for spaces in a homes change only as frequently. The beauty of change is that it’s a choice. Yours.

So only be happy for your space and a fact that we can collect a use and what it looks like. And who knows, a subsequent time we wish to make a change, we competence be a one to come adult with a subsequent prohibited thing.

— Carolyn Muse Grant is a owner and past boss of a Architectural Decorative Arts Society, as good as an interior pattern consultant/stylist specializing in home staging. Send questions to

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