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Winona was still a raw-boned limit city in 1860, 3 years before Thomas Nast constructed a initial of his sketches that bound that picture of Santa Claus in a American mind. The pre-Claus columns of a Winona Republican simulate a business-as-usual opinion among a encampment retailers in a days heading adult to Christmas.

The Rollingstone Distillery was seeking reserve of top-quality corn, rye and barley and seeking buyers for a “pure, double-rectified whiskey … charity during prices in foe with possibly Chicago, Milwaukee or St. Louis,” yet no discuss is done either their product was dictated to rouse a community’s Christmas hearten or either it was to be consumed for medicinal purposes. The holidays go probably unmentioned. The usually suggestion that youngsters competence have had a special seductiveness in a deteriorate was a notice that a Winona Wagon and Plow Factory was charity bobsleds for sale.

A decade later, there was a new suggestion to a season. Santa Claus had set adult his Winona domicile during E.F. Mues’ store, “where can be found a vast accumulation of holiday presents suitable for immature and old.”

S.W. Morgan destined subscribers to “Select your presents! Christmas is during hand!” and suggested a bullion watch sequence as suitable “for a gentlemen” and “stylish uncover bondage for a ladies.”

For a youngsters, J.M. Schreit Mueller’s on East Third Street betrothed “a superb collection of German-imported toys.”

Gifts of a some-more walking arrange were also available. H. Choate Co. charity “great reductions” on underclothing for men, women and children, indicating that that observable Christmas morning grin of beating is of long-standing vintage.

In 1882, Mues still laid explain to Santa’s adored plcae in a city, yet Mrs. M. Niedenhofen insisted Santa had also paid a call during her emporium to broach a preference of “Imported Canary Birds” only in time for a holidays.

Choate’s appealed to a exotic, suggesting friends and family would be gay to find “ostrich plumes, silk umbrellas, Japanese curios, Russian leather fans” and “elegant equine blankets from $1 to $10 each.”

But if Choate’s preference of Japanese curios didn’t prove a shopper’s curiosity, they were invited to hit Miss Helen Lester of Chicago. “Having prolonged knowledge and comforts for fitting buying, we offer my services to those during a stretch who are in wish of a improved class of good not routinely found in smaller places.” Orders could be placed by telegram — online shopping, 1880s-style.

By 1902, a unadvertised Christmas was already really most a thing of a past. In a full page-ad from a Interstate Mercantile, Santa had already deserted his sleigh to take a tiller of a curved-dash Oldsmobile, as his reindeer looked adult from their pasture in dismay, “alas, a occupation’s gone.”

E.S. Gregory during 101 E. Third St. advertised doll buggies and go-karts from 19 cents to $5 with an combined incentive: “Cut out this label and move in any morning to my store and we will give we a bonus of 25 per cent on any toys we competence purchase.”

If Gregory’s wanted a patron in a morning, Choate’s lured them after in a day, pledging to stay open evenings from Dec. 15 until Christmas.

Merchants paraded a clearly unconstrained accumulation of intensity presents, yet a lady whose father determined C.A. Baeuerlen’s censure to uncover his love with a present of an “asbestos unhappy iron” competence good have spent a night after Christmas on a parlor sofa.

With a spin of a century, Christmas gifts with cords started creation some-more and some-more visit coming in holiday ads. Piped gas and electricity charity appealing alternatives to spark stoves and kerosene lamps to those who could means them. Gift-seeking husbands were urged to move home a gas list flare or a “Caloric fire-less” prepare stove, “put adult in a large special Christmas package.”

In 1917, a country’s stipulation of fight took alien German toys off Americans’ Christmas lists yet did offer a nationalistic choice — War Savings Stamps. Offered in 25-cent denominations, a Thrift Card of 16 fight stamps with 12 cents were equivalent for a War Savings Certificate payable with 4 percent seductiveness on Jan. 1, 1923.

“Your nation is during fight and needs any penny we can lend in sequence to feed, clothe, arm and supply a soldiers and sailors of America. The squeeze by any one of us of yet one 25 cent stamp means 25 millions of dollars to a government.”

“A nation value fighting for is value saving for!”

With a fight won, a bark of a 1920s competence good have been a sound of a Mom’s opening cleaner melancholy to drown out a Victrola, or a family radio–any one of that competence have finished adult underneath a tree as a ideal Christmas gift.

Electric toasters, waffle manacles and percolators took advantage of a latest in 20th-century record as $10 down and easy payments put a Majestic Electric Radio underneath a tree — as it glowed with strings of electric Christmas lights — an eight-light fibre was $2.25, and bulbs were 15 cents each.

And don’t forget “The Year ‘Round Gift,” a subscription to a Winona Republican-Herald — — $6.50 a year delivered in a city of Winona.

To compensate for it all — a Christmas Club account. Merchants’ Bank Class 1 bar members had a choice of starting their comment with one penny a initial week, 2 cents a second week, 3 cents a third, adding a penny a week for 50 weeks, agreeable them $12.75 to spend a subsequent Christmas season.

For many folks, Christmas Club accounts were tough to come by in 1932. It was a third year of a Great Depression, and even if president-elect Franklin Roosevelt insisted that “Happy Days are Here Again,” unwell banks and prolonged lines of impoverished people didn’t simulate it. The Conrad Fur Co. insisted that “A present of furs is a present she wants,” yet a 50-cent span of Silk Gift Hose from Stevenson’s was some-more expected a best she hoped to get, and he would do good to find one of a 5,000 Christmas ties, specially-ordered by a S.S. Kresge store and charity during 39 cents apiece, along with a giveaway present box.

But many families deliberate themselves advantageous to means “A Christmas present that will be appreciated” from a D.F. O’Brien Lumber Co. — a ton of coal.

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