July 16, 2017 - table lamp

In what is being regarded as one of a many critical Tiffany auctions in a past 25 years, James D. Julia’s Extraordinary Rare Lamps, Glass Fine Jewelry Auction grossed $4.3M.

The tip lot sole on Bidsquare? An iconic Tiffany design, a Lotus Table Lamp, offering for $86,800.

“The Lotus pattern, also referred to as ‘Mandarin’, is one of a many formidable of Tiffany Studios geometric shade designs. The nonesuch of this design, a volume of geometry concerned in a shade, and a series of potion tiles used to erect a shade make it a really fascinating model,” said Mike Fredericks, James D. Julia’s Department Head in Rare Lamps, Glass Fine Jewelry.

The sale featured 7 leaded potion windows, a many expected being a Wisteria Window that sole for an considerable $257,850. Another perplexing instance of a windows offering in a sale was a ‘Dogwood Flower’ scene, a renouned settlement during auction.

“Dogwood flowers are a common thesis found in Tiffany Studios flare applications, and Tiffany also done windows in many opposite floral styles, including Wisteria, Dogwood, Apple Blossom, Magnolia and others,” pronounced Mike Fredericks about a character during auction. “Our Jun auction had 6 examples of Dogwood from Tiffany Studios, trimming from a tiny 14” list flare offering for $15,730, to the window shown here offering during $49,600, and finally, a 32” Dogwood building lamp offering for a unusual $406,600 that we trust is a new World Record for a Tiffany Studios Dogwood settlement sole during auction.”

Two tip offering chandeliers on Bidsquare had intricate, “bronze disfigured wire” adorning a top. As a immature artist early in his career, Louis C. Tiffany trafficked extensively in Europe and North Africa and was heavily shabby by Etruscan, Egyptian and Moorish settlement styles. Many of his after designs for Tiffany Studios metalwork and flare fixtures lift these influences, and this Moorish-style detailing is a good instance of this.

The Tiffany Studios Jeweled Turtleback Desk Lamp graphic next soared in price, $11,360 over guess to sell for $17,360. Mike Fredericks from James D. Julia commented on a lot, “This was a really strong, authentic instance of this model, and achieved really well. The turtlebacks irradiate a pleasing splendid blue with clever shimmering highlights, a finish and patina of a bottom was really clever and a cost reflected a unrestrained of a audience. The formula pronounce for themselves!”

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