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July 30, 2015 - table lamp

Letters created to a mainstay run a progression from full of information and credentials about a antique intent in doubt to totally abandoned of details. The minute from Carol Johns was somewhere in a middle.

“This was given to my grandmother in 1930 from a Mrs. Mann in Chicago,” she wrote. “It’s not a Tiffany. No signature is found on it. What can we tell me about it?”

Johns filled in a few sum she knew when she brought a flare in for an estimation event hold recently during Judy Frankel Antiques, partial of a Antiques Centre of Troy. There eccentric appraiser Brian Thomczek took a closer demeanour during a industriously colored and complicated square of selected lighting.

“My grandma spotless residence for a lady in Chicago,” she told Thomczek. “I’m not unequivocally certain about dates or sum though she pronounced Mrs. Mann gave it to her and that’s about all we know. We always suspicion she substantially bought it during Marshall Fields since we knew she shopped there, though we don’t know that for certain either.”

Eventually, a blue and yellowish tan potion flare with a gilded rope emblem was upheld down from Johns’ grandmother, to her mother, and to her. She gives a heirloom a place of respect in her vital room and keeps it divided from a windows and out of bustling trade patterns to keep it safe.

Like everybody who sees it, she says, she has always dignified it. Thomczek did too, revelation her that she had a excellent instance of what is famous as an early 20th century slag-glass list lamp. According to a fascinating essay with a accumulation of illustrations on, (, a element was also famous as marble potion or malachite, and, in a strictest definition, is a form of opaque, streaked pressed glass that originated in late-19th-century England. Glass manufacturers there are suspicion to have combined slag from iron smelting to fiery potion to emanate a operation of effects and colors, some of that are really singular today. The routine after widespread to U.S. manufacturers, who, like a English, mostly used it in lampshades that filled bedrooms with kaleidoscopic light.

Thomczek antiquated Johns’ square to approximately 1920s-1930s, not too most progressing than a square substantially entered into a family’s possession. He concluded that it really isn’t an instance of a Tiffany-made lamp, that set a customary for art potion lamps during a time. “Tiffany apparently was a best-known builder of lamps of this form and this is in a style, though is really not a Tiffany,” he told her. Despite that, he says it’s a excellent instance of a type. “It’s art deco, and a really good illustration of a lighting of a era,” he told her. “It’s in smashing condition, with no manifest cracks and a pleasing tone that would interest to many people if we were to sell it.”

He valued it during $1,800-$2,000 if she were to reinstate it, or $800-$1,200 during auction if she motionless to sell. Johns says there’s no possibility of that. “Everyone has always dignified it,” she says. “It’ll be kept in a family. we have 3 daughters.”

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About This Item

Item: Slag-glass lamp

Owner: Carol Johns

Appraised by: Brian Thomcsek, eccentric appraiser

Estimated value: $800-$1,200 during auction

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