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December 27, 2014 - table lamp

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — On this day after Christmas, Aline Bloch review a Three Little Pigs to her daughter. The Big Bad Wolf huffing and blasting and floating down houses done of sticks and hay.

But he’s got zero on this house.

“The card is clever adequate to conflict a Wolf?” She asked her daughter, with a giggle.

Forget grain or sticks or even brick. All sorts of things in Aline’s residence are done from cardboard. Including a chair she and her daughter sat in to review their story. And a list holding a flare they were using. And a flare itself. She even creates design frames, valuables and valuables boxes, all from corrugated cardboard.

Aline got a suspicion when she and her father changed into their Issaquah home 7 years ago.

“We had all these make-up boxes and we were regulating them as proxy night stands or tables, and we only suspicion that maybe we could make genuine seat with cardboard,” she said.

The thing about Aline’s seat is that it is stout and durable. It’s clever adequate to support full-size adults. Even with 3 kids, all she has done over a past 7 years is still standing.

“Cardboard can be clever and stretchable during a same time,” she said. “The possibilities are limitless.”

It might seem a bit unfamiliar to many of us, though “cardboarding,” as it’s called, is hackneyed in Aline’s local France. Unlike many recycle bins opposite a area these days, a one in Aline’s garage is utterly tidy, even this day after Christmas.

It’s explanation that, sometimes, a box a present came in is even improved than a gift, itself.

Local filmmaker Ron Dawson put together a brief video about Aline’s ardent brew of art and engineering.

You can find out some-more about Aline’s card creations during http://alinescardboard.com/

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