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May 15, 2018 - table lamp

Plain Township integrate refocuses life on repurposing furnishings.

CANTON  Sam and Suzi Stepanovich were zealous ball relatives for 12 years, afterwards their youngest son stopped playing.

“We were grieving. We also knew we were going to be dull nesters,” Suzi Stepanovich said. “We were like, ‘What are we going to do with all this giveaway time?'”

What a integrate did was take adult sport — during auctions and deliver dealers. “We’d find things and say, ‘We can make this out of that,'” Suzi said.

“We’d demeanour during (repurposed furnishings on) Pinterest and say, ‘Can we do this?'” her father said.

A new pastime, and passion, was born.

For instance, a Stepanoviches gave took an aged steel apparatus sideboard with a weathered patina, and combined immeasurable industrial casters and a reclaimed-lumber top.

A late-1800s wooden tyrannise transport with cast-iron wheels and loads of impression was spotless adult and repurposed as a low coffee table. “It weighs 195 pounds,” Sam Stepanovich said.

An antique surveyor’s tripod was connected and given with an Edison lightbulb to spin a particular building lamp.

New Canton showroom

With a two-car garage during a Stepanoviches’ Plain Township home portion as multiple seminar and (rapidly filling) storage unit, Sam and Suzi launched a business, Urban Loft, to sell their creations.

First, they began inventory pieces on Facebook Marketplace. Last summer, a couple’s daughter, Ariel, suggested they get a counter during a Downtown Canton Flea, where she sells jewelry. Things went good during a flea marketplace for Urban Loft.

“We had such a blast!” pronounced Suzi. “Everybody that purchases something, we adore them revelation me where they’re going to put it. They’re customarily like-minded people who get as pumped and vehement as we do.”

On May 19 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Urban Loft will have a counter during a Downtown Canton Flea on Court Avenue NW between Fourth and Sixth streets.

Urban and Loft also will be partial of a 720 Market during Gervasi Vineyard during 1700 55th St NE in Canton from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 20.

Beyond these shows, Urban Loft has non-stop a showroom at 720 Second St. SE on a border of downtown. Urban Loft has a belligerent building of a immeasurable ancestral section building during 720 Second St. SE that once housed Canton Light, Heat and Power Co., that supposing steam feverishness to downtown customers.

Steve Coon, a downtown developer who owns a building, approached a Stepanoviches about locating there.

“We came and looked during it and all a bells were going off,” Suzi said. “We’d outgrown a garage. Our bodies are removing older, a things is removing larger. This is a most improved fit for for us.”

Urban Loft’s mouth-watering new domicile are about 4,00 block feet and embody a immeasurable seminar in further to arrangement areas for seat and accessories.

Vintage creations

Building things “gives me something to do,” pronounced Sam Stepanovich, a late sheet-metal worker. “I don’t have to mount ladders and mount on roofs.”

“It’s really a artistic outlet,” Suzi said. “I lay in an bureau during Cutler Real Estate and do their website. I’ve been there 20 years.” She has schooled to weld, she said.

“It’s good to come down here and kick on something,” Sam said.

The integrate was happy to give an unpretentious guided debate of their salon creations and selected finds. A 7-foot-long work list has a tip of reclaimed reddish-brown stable timber and iron workbench legs dating to a 1930s. The bottom of a round glass-topped coffee list is wooden tire molds.

A steel millstone mount serves as a pedestal for a square-topped dining list done from sawmilled chestnut.

“The timber is from a 1900s or earlier,” Suzi Stepanovich said. “The Amishman pronounced it was pre-worm period, whatever that means.”

Much of a live-edge timber used by Urban Loft is “from felled trees in Strasburg and wherever we can find it,” Sam said.

There’s an 8-foot-long antique folding wallpaper list with a wooden tip refinished by Suzi; a staggering drafting list creatively found in a Steubenville courthouse; a revolving two-sided industrial easel; and an eye-catching accent flare done from a rewired aged searchlight.

“We’ve got these feeler people who go out to auctions scavenging for us,” Suzi said.

The Urban Loft salon will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on days that a Downtown Canton Flea is handling (the third Saturday of a month), and by appointment during 234-360-1480. To strech it, go easterly from downtown Canton on Tuscarawas St. E, spin right onto Madison Avenue SE and Urban Loft will be confronting you, with murals on a front of a building.

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