Wash those Legos

February 6, 2015 - table lamp


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Friday, Feb 6, 2015 3:05 AM EST

Wash those Legos
Tips for improved vital in 2015

To rinse Legos, put a pieces in a filigree soaking bag, zip it sealed and toss into a soaking appurtenance full of prohibited H2O and a bit of soap. When a cycle is over, let a Legos dry on a towel. (Photo pleasantness Fotolia/TNS)


Here are some ways to make life easier and solve a small problems that stand adult around your home and garden this year.

1. Replace a light over your garage door: Choose a bigger, brighter fixture. Garage lighting is mostly undersized, since builders spend lighting dollars elsewhere. A incomparable tie outward over a garage doorway will raise your home’s coming — and you’ll conclude a additional light any time we arrive home after dark.

2. Start trolling shipment antique stores: You find good used things that’s cheaper and improved than many new products. Like selected Christmas decorations? You’ll measure large time.

3. Beat bugs: Have an termite problem? This Old House repository suggests swelling cinnamon opposite a trail where they’re entering a room. They’ll equivocate it like a plague.

4. Show, don’t tell: Have a small correct pursuit that’s tough to report to staff during home stores? Snap a print with your phone and uncover it to them. A design is worth, well, we know …

5. Shop museum stores: From books to valuables to one-of-a-kind art and crafts, surprising taste and present equipment aplenty are to be found in museum shops — and many times selling is taxation free! 1000Museums.com is a good starting place, with links to sell from museums around a world.

6. Create an outbox and use it: Find a symbol where we can accumulate things we competence wish to get absolved of, suggests Apartment Therapy’s Maxwell Ryan in Good Housekeeping magazine, afterwards ask yourself: Do we adore it? Do we use it? Does my home need it? If any answer is “no,” place a object in a outbox for a week. After that, confirm either to keep it or get absolved of it. Still unsure? Wait one some-more week. Once your subdivision stress has passed, it’s easy to transparent out a space, Maxwell says.

7. Protect your grass mower: Want to equivocate that costly open grass mower tuneup? Invest a few dollars on a mist can of starting fluid. Squirt a few spritzes into a carburetor when we circle your mower out in a spring, and it should start on a initial pull. (Eliminates that outing to a emporium — and saves your painful back, too.) Starting liquid is reduction than $5 from makers such as Gunk, Gumout and Valvoline.

8. Add pops of color: Fabric baskets, like chuck pillows, are a discerning approach to supplement splashes of tone to any room. They’re affordable and easy to reinstate when we wish a change. And they’re handy, too, for stashing all from magazines to a kids’ toys.

9. Keep toothpicks on hand: Use them to pierce a clogged projection on a glue bottle; request touch-up paint to small nicks on furniture; and to purify between a buttons of your remote control. (Dip it in rubbing ethanol first.) This Old House has some-more crafty uses for toothpicks.

10. Foil cue thieves: Use an accented minute in your password.

11. Upholster a door: Charlotte, N.C., engineer Gray Walker tells Southern Living repository that doors embellished out in fabric and trim — contend leather and rivets, for instance — are creation a comeback. “Upholstery upgrades doors to a furniture-like standing that’s unequivocally beautiful,” she says.

12. Get discounts on meat: Many supermarkets bonus their beef late in a evening, says Womansday.com. Ask during a beef opposite what time a manager creates markdowns.

13. Save a box: If you’re updating your lighting or your bath hardware, save a box and use a territory to emanate a card template. When ascent an beyond fluorescent light fixture, for instance, cut a square of card a distance of a fixture, afterwards poke holes by a card that line adult with a ascent holes on a fixture. Use painter’s fasten to mountain a card to a ceiling. Then you’ll know accurately where to symbol a spots for drilling holes for cosmetic anchors or toggle bolts.

14. Make a foolproof art wall: Use painter’s fasten on your wall to facade out an arrangement of art and objects; you’ll see right divided if we have adequate to fill a space and make it “important” looking, Domino repository suggests. For change and variety, embody both straight and plane works.

15. Keep Legos clean: Put Lego pieces in a filigree soaking bag, zip it sealed and toss into a soaking appurtenance full of prohibited H2O and a bit of soap, says a toddler-mom who blogs during Gettinby.wordpress.com. When a cycle is over, widespread Legos on a towel to dry.

16. Get handier: If you’re semi-handy and wish to get better, buy one new energy apparatus a year. Black Friday is a good time to get a peculiarity object during a good price. And once we have a tool, you’ll find a approach to use it. This year, we got a good produce cavalcade for $50. If we possess a home, you’ll need one for drilling into section or concrete.

17. Bring an outward carpet inside: Many designs are a good fit for today’s infrequent taste and have a demeanour and density of cloth. Best of all, we can usually purify — or hose — stains away, creation them ideal for a playroom or breakfast nook.

18. Wash those “tiger stripe” aluminum gutters: Your gutters are substantially a dirtiest, dingiest aspect on your home’s exterior. So, if we rinse usually a gutters, your whole residence will demeanour better! Krud Kutter creates a gutter rinse that gets decent reviews. It’s about $12 for 32 ounces. Be certain to review and follow directions. Some homeowners swear by whitewall tire cleaner, too.

19. Use a trouser hanger as a kitchen tool: Attach a recipe to a clips and put a hanger on an upper-cabinet doorknob so cooking directions are during eye-level when we need them. Or detach a clips from a hanger and use them to tighten non-stop bags of chips and pretzels.

20. Use giveaway home alleviation advice: Thinking about rebellious an intimidating home repair? Start Googling videos. You’ll learn a lot. Still need advice? On a delayed weekday off, go to a home alleviation store. You’ll find many people operative a building who are former contractors and know how to get a pursuit done. They competence offer a resolution that’s easier than a one we had in mind.

21. Create a captivating wall: A hurl of printed, cut-to-fit captivating wallpaper creates it easy to spin an peculiar niche or a closet doorway into a useful symbol to arrangement reminders and kids’ propagandize projects. Houzz.com shows thousands of ways to use it.

22. Make a rug box do double-duty: These storage units are affordable, easy to arrange — and truly handy. They keep stored porch cushions dry and can double as seating. Pull a rug box adult to a outward list if we don’t have adequate chairs for guests. Ideal for storing gardening and barbecuing supplies, or a kids’ outward toys.

23. Get organized: Shoe organizers that hang on doors make good storage for cleaning supplies.

24. Clean a splattered, stained prepare top: As shortly as a stove has cooled adequate to touch, purify divided a mess. Cover dried-on spills with a wet, fatty plate cloth and let it sit, afterwards use a cloth to purify adult a malleable spill, Real Simple repository recommends. For stubborn, neglected messes, make a pulp of 3 tools baking soda to 1 partial water. Apply to a spill, leave on for 10 minutes, and purify divided with a damp paper towel. You can also use a nonabrasive cleanser.

25. Add an beyond garage shelf for some-more storage: These innovative inclination hang from a ceiling; if your garage roof is high enough, we competence be means to hang one in a space above a open garage door. Prices start during about $60.

26. Grill on a cheap: Use a lot of colourless for grilling? Big box stores have outrageous markdowns around Memorial and Labor Day. And if we use a Weber kettle, deposit in a hinged griddle that lets we adjust a coals and dump in smoking timber some-more easily. Watch for year-end markdowns on colourless as well.

27. Keep it clean: Real estate agents contend dirty, smeared light switch covers are a genuine turnoff for buyers. (Sorry — couldn’t resist.) Clean or reinstate switch or receptacle covers. Experiment with a opposite color. Crisp white adds a engineer touch. Switch and receptacle covers come in opposite sizes, too, so we competence wish to check out incomparable covers.

28. Collect lidded boxes: Decorative boxes make ideal risers for displaying mementos on a book shelf and yield seductiveness and storage on a side list or nightstand.

29. Add new screen rods: Especially, Houzz.com says, if we refurbish other hardware such as doorway and cupboard knobs. Replace elementary coronet rods with, say, bronze or brushed nickel. Choose something some-more sculptural, some-more dramatic. Or go outside-the-box artistic and try something like repurposed electrical passage or a gnarly tree branch.

30. Fight pet hair: Always shake wardrobe (preferably outside) before tossing it in a wash, FamilyCircle.com recommends, and supplement a integrate of yards of nylon net to your dryer to locate pet fuzz. You can use any square several times.

31. Find new uses for aged things: Allyou.com says slicing a few strips of tin foil will keep your scissors sharp; that we can make a koozie by slicing off a ankle apportionment of a sock and slipping it over a bottled or canned libation to keep it insulated; and that a dab of white toothpaste can be used to fill small spike holes in a wall.

32. Make over your linen closet: Jan is primary time for white sales. Toss worn-out bedding and reinstate with sheets and pillowcases that are color-coordinated to prove distance (blue for king, beige for queen, etc.), Heather Chadduck Hillegas suggests in Southern Living magazine. If space permits, allot a shelf for any bedroom. Hillegas likes gripping towels white though coordinating monograms with any bedroom’s tone theme.

33. Spray it: If we can mist paint something instead of regulating a can and brush, do it. It’s faster and easier. If we don’t have a can of stain-blocking primer, get one.

34. Restore a scratched wooden table: Dip a soothing cloth into a reduction of ½ crater vinegar and ½ crater olive oil and massage it onto a wood. The bloggers during Domestic Bliss Squared contend scratches will disappear!

35. Keep a neat spawn box area: Used cosmetic bags from a supermarket are ideal for disposing of used cat litter. Store them in an dull hankie box subsequent to a cat box for easy access. Some hankie boxes come in flattering engineer patterns.

36. Update a light fixture: Transform an aged coronet light tie or list flare with Krylon’s oil-rubbed bronze mist paint. (Or beaten steel or mill hardness spray. You’re singular usually by your imagination.) Just purify a steel well, and follow a instructions on a can.

37. Make a improved BLT: Arrange tender strips of bacon in a basket-weave that will fit on a cut of bread. Cook compartment crispy. Enjoy with your favorite sandwich fixings. Thanks to Buzzfeed.com for a idea.

38. Open scald packages easily: A hand-held can opener will cut by a wrapping with ease, according to a list of 99 tips to make your life creation a rounds on Pinterest and Facebook.

39. Freshen your entryway: Paint a railings when we paint your front door. For iron railings, use a handle brush to mislay lax rust, cloak with rusty steel primer, afterwards finish with a cloak of oil-based enamel. For a small some-more flicker during your splendid new entry, select a semigloss finish instead of flat.

40. Get kids’ toys out of a tub: Position a tension-type showering rod about 12 inches above a tub, subsequent to a wall. Use hooks or ties to insert ventilated cosmetic baskets to a rod to accumulate bath toys. Rubber duckies, cylinder crayons and other toys will drip-dry between baths and be out of a way.

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