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October 22, 2016 - table lamp

By Lindsey M. Roberts, Special to The Washington Post 

We competence consider we spend many of a time in a kitchen cooking, or in a family room examination TV. But a law is, we spend one-third of a lives sleeping — so a bedroom wins. And yet, this is not where a decorating dollars go.

“A lot of people wish their bedroom to have personality,” says Rebecca Atwood, a Brooklyn weave designer, “but they’re not certain what to do.” If your bedroom is simple though we wish beautiful, Atwood and Annie Elliott, a paint-color pro and owners of Bossy Color in Washington, have some ideas to revitalise it.

The initial competence be a hardest: Clear out a clutter. Organize garments and find somewhere else to store a present wrap. “The aspect confusion is a outrageous problem for all of us,” Elliott says.

Think by tone after that, and chuck gathering out a door. After all, this is a room that we start and finish a day with. If a room is large, go with a light color, Elliott says, and if it is small, welcome it with a dark, friendly selection.

Roar+ Rabbit's Organic Landscape Duvet Cover and Shams ($29-$109, westelm.com) facilities low colors finished in a painterly way. MUST CREDIT: West Elm.
Roar+ Rabbit’s Organic Landscape Duvet Cover and Shams ($29-$109, westelm.com) facilities low colors finished in a painterly way. MUST CREDIT: West Elm.

Then demeanour to subtle, relaxing patterns — consider watercolors, dots, embroidery. “An injection of settlement can inform any space,” Atwood writes in her new book, “Living With Pattern: Color, Texture and Print during Home.”

Hit a modernise symbol on your bedroom with reduction clutter, new paint and engaging textiles, and suffer a private space finished for rest:

  • “If we unequivocally adore pattern, we should have a patterned duvet,” Atwood says. But settlement doesn’t always meant vast and loud: The bedroom is a good place to try soothing designs such as marble- and water-inspired fabrics. Roar + Rabbit’s Organic Landscape Duvet Cover and Shams ($29-$109, westelm.com) strike a symbol with low colors finished in a painterly way.
  • Offer a bedroom a country hold with a mango-wood Treago Table Lamp ($169, dwellstudio.com). It’s petite adequate for a nightstand and matches — nonetheless updates — any stream scheme.
  • A nightstand such as a Baby Relax Miles Campaign Nightstand ($150, target.com) doesn’t have to have a twin on a other side of a bed, Elliott says. She has used all from an antique demilune to a bachelor’s chest in her projects. The pretence is to make certain a heights are a same and a lamps match.
  • “Sheets are one of a many healthy places to supplement pattern,” Atwood says. “There’s a lot of options out there for small-scale prints, such as stripes and dots. Those are a ones that are going to go with everything.” The Pebble Slate Sheet Set ($180-$220, crateandbarrel.com) gives polka dots an organic feel.
  • Atwood’s Woven Throw Blanket in navy facilities one of her new patterns and is good for a finish of a bed or, for a twist, to hang over a headboard and give it a different, layered demeanour for a deteriorate ($349, rebeccaatwood.com).
  • One of Atwood’s favorite bedding brands is Parachute. Its products are simple and unfussy and underline lots of linen options, such as a Linen Stripe Duvet Cover Set ($349, parachutehome.com), that Atwood says “is good year-round.” If we wish more-seasonal fabrics, she records that percale is light and ethereal for summer; sateen feels a bit warmer during night for open and fall; and flannel, of course, is classical winter bed wear.
  • Elliott, a former art historian, likes to make bedrooms feel like genuine rooms, not usually caves for sleeping. For that, lighting is key, she says. Even if we have little bedside lights, she advocates for list and building lamps as well. The Uteki Printed Lamp Ensemble adds a good mark of pattern, too ($148-$298, anthropologie.com).
  • Elliott chooses nightstands with drawers for many of her clients since she likes clean, uncluttered bedrooms. (“You have to have a place for a hankie or a pen,” she says.) The Marcelle 3-Drawer Nightstand ($619, rhbabyandchild.com) has three. Whichever nightstand we choose, magnitude a tallness and make certain it works with a tallness during that we sleep, since contemporary seat is mostly low to a ground.
  • When updating a customary bedroom to something some-more interesting, consider about texture, too. “Look during crochet, linen, things that are knit,” Atwood says. A puckered seersucker-like ribbon is also nice, as on a Tidal White Duvet Cover ($223-$308, pineconehill.com).
  • It’s an age-old settlement question: How many pillows should go on a bed? If we share a bed and a other chairman is anti-pillow, shams or one accent sham competence be your usually possibility for fun — so make it count. Check dual boxes and supplement hardness with World Market’s Black, White and Gray Kilim Lumbar Pillow ($50, worldmarket.com).
  • If you’re iffy on settlement in a bedroom, Atwood says to start with pillowcases. “You can exam and see if we like it,” she says. Then, if we wish to supplement a relating sheets, we can. Atwood also says she loves saying confidant shams. Try a Thandie Watercolor Printed Shams ($39-$49, ballarddesigns.com).
  • Atwood likes vast pillows to column yourself adult in bed for reading, or tickling kids on a floor. Pottery Barn’s Solid Velvet Lumbar Pillow Cover comes in 6 jam-packed colors and can be monogrammed ($29.50, potterybarn.com).
  • Small-scale patterns, such as a cross-stitch, using tack and diamonds in a Milou Embroidered Linen Sheet Set ($309-$359, restorationhardware.com), review as hardness from a distance, Atwood notes. These forms of patterns are easy to covering and match.
  • Elliott favors a clean, white bedding cover “because your bed has a lot of visible genuine estate in a room,” she says. “There’s so most ‘look-at-me’ bedding, though if we make white a categorical partial of your room, we make your life so most easier.” In particular, she likes a nice, classical matelassé, such as a Boyfriend White Matelassé Cover ($243-$359, pineconehill.com).
  • Light or dark? Arguments can be finished for selecting light or dim paint tone in a bedroom. How should we decide? Elliott says to go with a room’s DNA. If a bedroom is vast and airy, afterwards it’s healthy to collect a soothing gray or dark blue. If a bedroom is small, welcome a distance and collect a abounding claret or low navy.

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