#WeWant: Green Bay Packers party

September 10, 2016 - table lamp

Published Sept. 10, 2016 during 11:01 a.m.

The Green Bay Packers flog off their deteriorate this weekend with a diversion on Sunday opposite a Jacksonville Jaguars. Here are only a few of a things we’d wish for a Packer party.

Charge it: LampChamp

Dip with it: Star Wars Death Star chip and drop bowls

Make it: “Hard Knocks: Green Bay Packers”

This is an peculiar #WeWant as a NFL deteriorate begins, yet we need to contend it. we wish a Packers to be a group on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” subsequent season. It’s a good show, and while I’m certain that a cameras are a large hinderance for a teams that are featured (the Rams had a spotlight this year) a exposure, story lines and “humanization” of a players can’t be discounted. I’m not a outrageous NFL fan, and examination a whole diversion is tough for me, it’s a bit delayed and too prolonged for my tastes. we do, though, adore to learn a stories behind a players and coaches, and see a skills – adult colse – that a competition demands. “Hard Knocks” does this in a approach that no other calm has been means to. The Packers mystique is real, and it final an even wider audience. Make it happen, NFL and HBO. Go Pack! – Jeff Sherman

Get them: Jimmy’s must-haves

Drink it: Surly Brewing Co.’s Surlyfest Lager

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