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September 16, 2014 - table lamp

Gold cave certificates
Q. This is a square of coupons for shares in an eastern Oregon mining company, antiquated 1888. An familiarity in Lyon, France, gave it to me and we am anticipating we could tell me if it is a profitable document.
M.G., Beaverton

A. A matching certificate, also antiquated 1888, is accessible for $29.95 on eBay, and that is a picturesque sell cost for this as a collectible antique document. There is a probability that it has value as a batch certificate, so while it can be time consuming, we competence wish to do some research, regulating your broker or an online service.  A good place to start is the International Bond and Share Society.

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Crystal lamp
Q. we hereditary this clear flare from my mom who hereditary it from a neighbor many years ago. we know zero about it and would adore to know more. It is around 28 inches tall.
B. P., SE Portland

A. Your flare appears to be from a midst 20th century, and competence have been done by a Marbro Lamp Co. of Los Angeles. The association was founded shortly after WWII and sealed in 1990. Its products were sole mostly by interior designers and upscale seat stores. Marbro specialized in importing high-quality components from via a world, and convention a lamps on site. Many of a Marbro “Hollywood Regency” character lamps of a 1930s-1950s are collectible today, yet not as sought-after as others of a period. Similar lamps have sole during auction for $50-$100. An approaching sell cost would be $200-$300.

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Prison-made chess table
Q. Prisoners in a Rocky Butte jail done this chess list for my good grandfather, A.A. Bailey, around 1900. It is 29 inches high with a 27-inch-square top. It is all original, never carrying been restored. 
T.D., Albany

A. Rocky Butte is an archaic volcanic dust cone butte in Portland, and is home to Joseph Wood Hill Park. A rotating guide during a limit of a butte is manifest for miles. It was before home to a jail and Judson Baptist College. A.A. Bailey was a Republican senator in a Oregon State Senate from 1903 by 1909. Your list does seem to date from around 1900. Chess tables are fascinating in a market, and we competence design an auction guess of $400-$600, though if dual bidders appreciated a history, it competence fetch a significantly aloft price. A sell emporium would expected cost it during $1,000-$2,000.

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Rococo-style furniture
Q.  we have several pieces of antique seat in my condominium in Prague, Czech Republic. we trust it was done in Vienna, Austria, around 1890. It is plain oak, and we consider a character is “Wiener rococo” or “Neo rococo.” The vast dresser is roughly 11 feet long, with a tip done from one piece. The tiny dresser is 51 inches long. The cupboard is 51 inches prolonged and 79 inches high, with blown, rather than molded glass. There are dual armchairs and 6 side chairs, a vast turn table, 59 inches in diameter, with an additional leaf, and also a tiny turn table, that is 31 inches in diameter.
B.V., Beaverton

A. The word “rococo” is subsequent from a French “rocaille,” a word used to report a stone and bombard work of a Versailles grottoes. Rococo-style furniture, with a jaunty embellishments and rarely musical surfaces, was during a tallness of a recognition in France around 1730 and was on a decline by a 1780s. It was followed by a cleaner, reduction ornate, Greek-influenced, Neo-Classical style, commencement around 1750. There is no famous character by a name of possibly Wiener poetic or Neo rococo. The cost for this set could change greatly, formed on a age, peculiarity and condition of any piece. Assuming that your seat is Austrian from a late 19th century, of normal quality, in good condition, we competence design an auction guess of $4,000-$6,000 for a set. A indicate to comprehend is that intensely vast pieces of seat (such as 11 feet in width) fit in a tiny commission of a homes and auction prices mostly simulate this. Retail prices competence go as high as $25,000 or more, given a studious play knows that he usually needs to find one patron who falls in adore with a set.

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Ding Darling print
Q. We have a imitation of a Ding Darling work that appears to be a male poling a vessel by a marsh. Ding Darling used to go steep sport with my grandfather in South Dakota in a 1920s. It is 11 1/2 inches far-reaching and 14 inches tall. On a reduce left is #22, and on a reduce right is a JN Darling signature. We’d like to know a name of a imitation and how most to protection it for.
M.C., Lafayette

A. Jay N. “Ding” Darling (1876-1962) was a much-beloved American cartoonist and conservationist. He won dual Pulitzer Prizes for his editorial cartoons and designed a initial stamp for a 1934 Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act. Your imitation was done with a drypoint technique, where steel copy plates are incised with a pointy needle, or stylus. The pretension is “End of a Day,” and an matching imitation sole during auction in New York in 2011 for $2,530, distant above a $400-$600 estimate. An word estimation competence good come adult with a operation of $3,500-$4,500 for deputy value.

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To find an appraiser, hit the International Society of Appraisers, a American Society of Appraisers, or a Appraisers Association of America. Estimates suggested in this Collectibles mainstay are for ubiquitous information functions usually and can't be used as a basement for sale, insurance, or IRS purposes.

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