When a Pieces Came Together

August 4, 2014 - table lamp

On a cold Sunday evening, my daughter, Angie, and we were knuckles-deep into a jigsaw nonplus during a kitchen list underneath a flare that expel prolonged shadows of a bustling fingers opposite a confused pieces. Wearing a pajamas, with hair still damp from a common bath, we pored over a shapes, many of them varying shades of blue and green.

First, we collected all a pieces with well-spoken edges. They were a corners that would give a nonplus a shape. Then we searched for specific colors and patterns. A patch of orange. A black zigzag. A quarrel of white triangles.

The nonplus shows an underwater sea scene, and Angie is spooky with a ocean. She draws cinema of dolphins and reads books about orcas until a contribution open from her mind like a second language. When we go to a aquarium, she pets a baby sharks as yet they were hamsters and explains to strangers how sharks are friendly, yet misunderstood, creatures.

Slowly, a design began to form. While Angie worked on a mermaid’s face, turn and dim with a long, black locks trailing behind it, we collected all a pieces with blue and white lines, that would after turn a baleen of a hulk blue whale.

“Here,” we said, handing her a square with glossy china scales. “I consider this goes to your mermaid.”
We worked for some-more than an hour, infrequently articulate about sea creatures yet mostly still with mutual zeal to see a pieces come together. The night zephyr by a kitchen window smelled of weed and jasmine. Mockingbirds sang in a lemon trees.

“I consider I’m going to use job James ‘dad,'” Angie said, her eyes bound on a stage maturation opposite a kitchen table.

“OK,” we said. we felt a cold breeze and wondered how many some-more to say. Should we give her my blessing? Should we tell her to be cautious? Should we ask questions, or wait to see what else she says? Unsure, we handed her another square of a nonplus and watched as she attempted to figure out where it belonged.


I married James on a Saturday only as a object began to set during Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. It was a winter solstice, a shortest day of a year, a day some people trust to be mystic of new beginnings. Maybe that’s true, yet we weren’t meditative about any of that. Dec 21st only happened to be a day all 3 of us were free.

Getting remarried wasn’t something we ever wanted or designed to do. After Angie’s father fell in adore with another lady and asked me for a divorce, we insincere we would always be single, no matter who came into a lives. When it became transparent that we could not remonstrate him to stay, Angie and we altered from a family home in New Jersey to a let unit in farming Maine, to a city where we had grown up. Life there was tiny and quiet, which, in that moment, was accurately what we indispensable it to be.

By a time a divorce was final, Angie had incited 3, aged adequate to commend that her family was opposite from many families she saw during a internal playground, yet too immature to know accurately why. She spoke to her father on a phone and saw him occasionally, yet their moments of hit became reduction revisit over time. Eventually, a justice postulated me child support, full control and full parental rights, definition all a decisions for lifting Angie, all a choices about where she would go to propagandize and who her alloy would be, were cave for a making.

For dual years, Angie went to daycare while we went to work, initial during a internal pharmacy as a technician who filled prescriptions, and afterwards as a secretary during a circuitously university. As formidable as those days were, they were also tender. We done cooking together, went for prolonged walks by a area and snuggled underneath a large blue coverlet during night. She and we had mislaid a lot in a move. We transposed some things over time — a dishes, her toys, a bed. But there were other things that couldn’t be replaced. Trust, companionship, security. Those we schooled to live without.

When Angie was 4, we got a full grant to an disdainful connoisseur propagandize 3 thousand miles divided in southern California. The thought of withdrawal a tiny dilemma of a universe was scary, yet we knew we wouldn’t be calm there forever. Sooner or later, we would outgrow that town. And afterwards what? Live with resentment? Wonder what could have been? Instead, Angie and we packaged a things we needed, sole and donated a rest, and left Maine for Los Angeles, where we common an unit with James, a crony of cave from high school. He and we quick became a couple. we resisted during first, mostly out of fear, yet we couldn’t assistance descending in adore with him. Neither could Angie.

The 3 of us did a things families do. James and we walked Angie home from school, review books to her underneath a covers during bedtime. We taught her how to fire hoops and tie her sneakers. We went to her propagandize when she was tyro of a month, and went behind again when she was a bandit in a propagandize play. We were going by all a motions of married people, yet wedlock was not something we discussed. We — or rather, we — favourite things a approach they were. After a disillusionment of divorce, matrimony seemed like an practice in pointlessness. It was not a pledge of certainty or a guarantee of almighty happiness. It was only a word. So we purposefully stayed single, meditative that if story were to repeat itself, if James were to tumble out of adore with me, Angie and we could container adult again and pierce on. Nobody would get hurt. No one would have to suffer.

Then something happened that done me reconsider.

The summer after grad school, kidney stones sent me to a puncture room. Seven stones lodged inside my left kidney, and another blocked a tube heading to my bladder. The deterrent filled my kidney with urine, putting me during risk for infection. we was too ill to eat, to work, to travel Angie to propagandize or even wash her during night. we had no health insurance, that meant exhausting my assets to compensate a medical bills. For weeks, we lay in bed in anguish while James took caring of my daughter, not only since we couldn’t, yet since he wanted to. She was his kid, too.

One night, while recuperating from my second kidney surgery, we hobbled out to a vital room for a potion of H2O and found them on a cot together. James was asleep. Angie was fibbing opposite his chest, clutching her favorite pressed cow and examination Superman. Her conduct rose and fell with any of his exhalations. we stood in a pathway for a moment, admiring them. In James, Angie and we had found someone we could count on, someone whose adore was plain and solid. He was honest, infallible and fearless. As we watched them on a couch, we knew it was too late to strengthen ourselves. James and we were already married, not on paper yet in any other way. Apart, we were 3 pieces. Together, we were whole.


On a Friday morning, while Angie was in school, James and we gathering to a county building to get a matrimony license. It was easier than possibly of us expected. We simply paid a price and sealed a paperwork. On a approach out of a courthouse, we peeked inside a chapel, where a court was behaving matrimony ceremonies. There were rows of folding chairs, a cosmetic gazebo nearby a altar, synthetic bouquets and a feign cake in a corner.

We couldn’t get out of that room quick enough.

James and we wanted zero to do with a normal wedding. No church, no cake, no imagination reception. Big weddings don’t fit a personalities, or a budget. We motionless instead to have a small, private ceremony, mostly so Angie could feel like she was partial of a kinship — that she was. We chose a look-out since it was one of a initial places James took Angie and me when we came to California. Back then, she and we stood on a patio of a west terrace, looking down on a million stimulating city lights, anticipating a new home would move us happiness.

For James and me, removing married was some-more of a business preference than a regretful gesture. Marriage brings certain perks, like common health word and taxation benefits. If we got ill again, James could make medical decisions for me, revisit me in a sanatorium or, if something critical were to happen, be a permanent primogenitor to Angie. Exchanging vows done financial and authorised sense. But for Angie, removing married represented something else entirely.

On a matrimony day, my daughter wore a blue plaid shirt, a gray necktie and a black fedora. we wore a immature edging dress from my favorite store, and James had on a dim competition cloak and jeans. We met Eric, a officiant, on a west terrace, where hundreds of spectators had collected to watch a object set on a winter solstice. Eric non-stop his cover and began to recite a vows. The strangers around us grew quiet. As James and we steady a promises of matrimony to one another, Angie stood between us, one palm on me, a other on a male who was strictly apropos her stepfather. She looked adult during us with a grin opposite than any grin we had seen before. She wasn’t only happy. She was gratified. When James and we kissed, a throng cheered. We kissed again, and Angie put her arms around us.

The rite took all of 90 seconds, and it altered probably zero about my life with James. He and we would arise adult a subsequent day feeling accurately a same approach about any other.

For Angie, though, it altered everything.

In a days following a wedding, she seemed friendlier and some-more effusive during school. At home, she gave hugs and kisses some-more often. She started doing new things, like channel a travel to a library on her possess and removing a mail by herself. These days, when she needs something, she goes to James as many as she comes to me. And when a 3 of us go for a walk, it is mostly his palm she reaches for.

That day during a observatory, something clicked into place for my daughter. She found a clarity of certainty and a kind of connectivity that she hadn’t felt in a prolonged time, if ever. Her fun done it clear: James and we had done a right preference by removing married, not for us yet for Angie. Sometimes a things we do meant a many to a people we slightest expect, in ways we could never anticipate. we don’t entirely know since a matrimony mattered to her. we am only beholden that it did.


On that dusk during a kitchen table, with a jigsaw nonplus solemnly divulgence itself to us as an sea full of mermaids and whales and outlandish sea life, Angie reached for a final square and snapped it into place.

“I adore that feeling we get when it all comes together,” she said. “Don’t you?”

I nodded and kissed her head.

This essay creatively seemed on Mutha Magazine.

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