WINGS lamps by Haim Evgi Design Studio

January 28, 2016 - table lamp

Product Description

Israeli engineer Haim Evgi has combined a new array of lighting fixtures called WINGS.
As a name suggests, a lights are desirous by a opposite bird wings. The collection includes list lamp, building flare and roof lamp.

The wings are used for many birds to fly in a air, The lights are an epitome and minimalist take of a form, where a skinny iron tie supports a lamp, while giving a picture of it drifting in a air.
“Wings” done of plain oak, a tuber dark in a timber and can irradiate adult and down or left and right. The physique is done of iron siren powder paint finish.


WINGS lamps are illuminated by LED and energy-efficient GU 10 tuber 7 w.

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