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February 19, 2017 - table lamp

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Shenzhen Sanan’s indication SA-1399D-2 notice camera list flare facilities hold control, and eye-protection and soothing light modes.

Product Details

Model: SA-1399D-2

MOQ: 5 units

FOB price: $35

Supplier Profile

Year established: 2010

Export markets: Asia (40%), US (30%), EU (18%)

Export products: CCTV cameras (60%), NVRs/DVRs (26%), accessories (12%)

Annual sales: $15 million

Total staff: 50

Certification: ISO 9001

Orders: Less than $500 are accepted

Shenzhen Sanan Technology Co. Ltd‘s indication SA-1399D-2 wireless home notice Wi-Fi/P2P/IP camera is a touch-controlled goose-neck list flare with eye-protection and soothing light modes. It can broach 6,500K comfortable lighting effects. The product adopts a HiSilicon CPU, CMOS OV9712 1MP sensor and 34 LEDs.

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