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June 20, 2015 - table lamp

75 years ago

June 20, 1940

• Kaufman Scroggs in Aberdeen is charity a 10 square vital room organisation for $49.95 — including a velour studio divan, overpass lamp, occasional chair, smoker stand, coffee table, separate rug, leather hassock, flare table, list flare and finish table.

• Brennan’s Hardware softballers final night degraded Mac’s Cigar store 13 to 8 in a free-hitting competition and went into a initial place tie with West Coast Plywood in a “A” softball league.

Cutts, Brennan catcher, led a fusillade with 4 hits in as many times during bat.

June 21, 1940

• While officials investigated a possibilities of incendiaries or sabotage, firemen currently quenched a final sparks of a harmful fire that final night totally broken a Polson Lumber and Shingle association indent “A,” causing detriment estimated during $800,000 and throwing some-more than 200 organisation out of work.

The probability of reopening a company’s Bay City indent in South Aberdeen was broached unofficially by one organisation executive, though C. Stuart Polson, vocalization for a firm, pronounced that idea and a probability of rebuilding indent “A” (Eureka mill) would be deliberate by a directors during a assembly set for a evident future.

• Under a billowing fume shade and opposite a wall of sizzling heat, a Ultican yank Tussler, Captain Eddie Odd, yesterday discovered 12 to 15 organisation from a fire-threatened Polson indent quay shortly before a categorical sawmill belched into one outrageous mass of flames.

The yank topsy-turvy into a quay and picked adult a men, including Stuart Polson and Arthur Zelgen. Polson pronounced a organisation had been attempting to get a hose line on a stream side of a mill, though their efforts valid fruitless. The mill’s siren lines collapsed when supports burnt divided and a lines parted.

By a time a yank drew up, a organisation said, a feverishness was so heated that several suffered burnt faces and singed hair and clothing.

50 years ago

June 20, 1965

Sunday, no journal published

June 21, 1965

Word was perceived currently of a astonishing genocide yesterday of Stanley E. Ronnie, 36, renouned Weatherwax High School story teacher.

Mr. Ronnie, who was en track to Europe, was stricken aboard a sight in a Chicago area and was taken to a sanatorium where he died. Death is believed to have been from a seperated ulcer.

Popular both with a expertise and students, Mr. Ronnie was named in this year’s Quinault annual as a seniors’ favorite teacher. He was famous to Harbor sports fans as a open residence complement announcer for a football and basketball games.

25 years ago

June 20, 1990

• Their entrance is as predicted as a entrance of spring.

As a initial vendors lift their RVs and engine homes into a parking frame and set adult booths for a summer, a debate focused on a Sampson John Flea Market during Hogan’s Corner is mostly equally predictable. But year after year a campers and booths return.

Until 4 years ago, a flea marketplace was located in a paved parking lot opposite a street, nearby a Sunshine Food Mart. But when vendors were told they disregarded county zoning laws by vital during a commercially-zoned site, they changed opposite a travel onto Indian trust land.

• ITT Rayonier Inc. recently donated $5,000 to a Friends of a 7th Street, to be used to revive a 1928 theater. Rayonier also donated $10,000 to Grays Harbor Fisheries Enhancement Task Force and will be donating $12,500 to a Hoquiam Police Department to be used for a “DARE” van.

June 21, 1990

Driving on a highway to Westport, one can’t assistance to notice, on a left, a vast Victorian-style white residence perched gracefully atop one of Ocosta’s rolling hills.

The Victorian palace was built in 1892 by land upholder Robert L. Boyle, who never assigned a home. At a time, Ocosta-by-the-Sea, as a area was afterwards called, had splendid prospects for a future. But all that collapsed during a basin of 1893, with Boyle withdrawal shortly thereafter.

Now a palace and a 125 acres of rolling plantation land and immature pasture are owned by Carol Grossman Saul who lives there with her dual teenage children and true dog, Pip.

Compiled from a repository of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom

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